1.5ct princess 925 silver Sterling Couture engagement ring set

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RINGS - Stock number: RS7034
RINGS - Style: Celestina
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RINGS - Design Inspired by: Sterling Couture
RINGS - Occasion: engagement ring set
RINGS - Metal: 925 sterling silver
RINGS - Metal Finish: rhodium
RINGS - Total Carat Weight: 7.75ct
RINGS - Center Stone Carat Weight: 1.5ct
RINGS - Center Stone Dimensions (mm): 6.5x6.5mm
RINGS - Center Stone: Armalique
RINGS - Center Stone Cut: princess
RINGS - Side Stones Cut: Armalique
RINGS - Colored Stones: Armalique
RINGS - Width Top: 10mm
RINGS - Width Shank: 4mm
RINGS - Approx. Product Weight: 10gr
All weights and measures are approximate.


Sterling Couture jewelry embodies the pinnacle of design and craftsmanship. The designs are fashioned with captivating detail which portrays all the characteristics of superior excellence. The detailed attention that is spent on every piece radiates perfection that is admired by experts. Sterling Couture designs are crafted with emphasis on finesse and elegance. The flawless workmanship by artisan craftsmen is evident in each piece. Sterling Couture quality far exceeds the bar in excellence.
Nothing, less than Armalique stones could capture the beauty of Sterling Couture jewelry. These crafted stones dazzle each piece with radiance. The Armalique shine is clearly visible in every piece. The precision cut of these unparalleled stones emanates glitz and glam without compromising approach to authenticity. The unsurpassed clarity of these stones transcends light through every facet. Armalique stones can only be found on SC jewelry. These exclusive stones are true dazzlers of Sterling Couture jewelry.
The infamous Sterling Couture wedding sets have set a precedent for many sterling weddings. The wedding sets are crafted by master jewelers for superior quality. As a leader in the market place, Sterling Couture initiates the trends and upholds the latest fashion in bridal jewelry. Individual designs are timeless and elegant. Celestina is adorned with princess stones and accented with a blue crown. As its name entails, it symbolizes heavenly love.
Sterling Couture jewelry is defined by unprecedented design, superior quality and detailed craftsmanship. The jewelry is characterized by exclusive Armalique stones. Enduring quality is appreciated, only by wearing Sterling Couture. Sterling Couture jewelry, for Eternal Love.

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